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We are a Sign of Hope to Cubans Families Suffering because of the Embargo

NEMO does not exist to make money. Our goal is to make an impact in the fight against the blockade/embargo on Cuba. We exist to help end the embargo. Still, we need money to grow, thrive, and continue serving our societal purpose. Unfortunately, without money, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our objectives and to have that impact.

What do we need the money for and how do we hold ourselves accountable?

What do we need money for?

NEMO was created to make an impact on the fight against the blockade/embargo on Cuba. We need money to keep NEMO, its programs, and its initiatives running to fulfill our societal purpose.

We need money for our operational expenses related to our internal functioning and main programs, which are:

  • The Million Voice Call
  • Congress and Senate Leaders PR Campaign
  • Union Leaders PR Campaigns
  • Opinion Leaders PR Campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Digital Platform expenses (hosting, development, design, and maintenance).
  • Miscellaneous and others.

At the end of 2022, we will produce a detailed report of each item’s expenses.

How do we plan to stay accountable?

As a non-profit organization, we are formed to further a very important social cause: the end of the blockade/embargo on Cuba. Most of the money we raise will be invested in our operations to fulfill our purpose.

To remain honest and transparent is very important to us. For NEMO, accountability means sharing our financial statements, evaluations, audit reports, internal controls feedback mechanisms with our donors and members. That is a promise.

If you are one of our donors, surely you want to know how we use your generous financial contributions. This is a reasonable expectation and we’re committed to showing you how we handle our finances. All of them.

Please Watch the 1-Minute-Video below and Support Us today.

Support NEMO Video (For Transcript click here)

The No Embargo Cuba Movement is a people-to-people initiative. It’s not sponsored or subordinate to any political institution or government, except to the will of the Cuban people, the American people, and friends of Cuba throughout the world. NEMO is an inclusive movement that represents all people who oppose the embargo, regardless of their ideology or political affiliation: 90% of Cubans and 2/3 of Americans.

In just 60 days NEMO went from zero to 60,000 members and counting. Its digital platform,, includes more than 30,000 photos of individuals, families, and groups calling for the end of the embargo. We need your support to continue developing our digital presence (web design, server, security, and tools), to put to work a small and efficient team to help coordinate the tasks and activities among all the participants in this Movement, and to institutionalize NEMO as a Non-Governmental Organization capable of advocating before the U.S. Congress for the end of the embargo on Cuba.

You can bring hope to Cuban Families by partnering with NEMO. Even a small action is a great step to accomplish this task. Please, consider giving a gift of 5, 10, 25, 50, or $100, because right now Cuba needs our support more than ever. Thank you for considering joining us in the movement to end the Embargo.

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You can bring hope to Cuban Families by partnering with NEMO! Thank You!

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