Dear Dr. Biden

Cuban Children Need Books, not Sanctions

Hopes and Dreams

Dr. Jill Biden traveled to Cuba in October 2016. When she was flying from Havana to Camaguey she saw through the plane window a rainbow and a White House photographer took the picture you can see above.

Rainbows are a symbol of hope in many cultures. In Christian culture, a rainbow promises better times to come. Somewhere over the rainbow, “dreams come true”, sang Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz musical. Today, the Cuban people hope that their dreams will come true and that their children can grow up in a country without blockade. Teachers want to teach children love and not old hatreds.

In That City

you saw from the balcony of your hotel, live people, families, mothers, grandmothers, and teachers like you, who dream that another world is possible.

First American official in decades to travel to Camaguey

The smiles on her and her daughter’s face say everything you need to know. In Havana and Camaguey she visited several places and participated in a friendly discussion with students, school administrators, and professors focused on teaching.

"Cuba is so rich

in culture. I have seen modern dance and classical ballet, and the best thing about Cuba really is the warm people. And the culture here… we teachers are always working. But it is so great to be here today. As you know, education is the key to a better future for yourselves and your families… It is all about the relationships whether it is athletes, whether it is artists, whether it is dancers, whether it is singers. It is the cultural relationship that the United States has with Cuba”.


Our children, our mothers, our teachers ask you to help them End the Embargo

Thank You, Dr. Biden

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